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AngKor Wat

“Angkor Wat” is the most famous monument in Khmer Empire, buit by King Suryavarman 2 between 1113 and 1150 B.C. Angkor Wat was dedicated by Suryavarman to the dwelling-place of Vishnu God (God of Architecture) and the temple became his mausoleum . After the religious revolution introduced by Jayavarman 3 in the 13th century , the Khmer empire embraced Buddhism and Angkor Wat was transformed from a Vishnuite shrine to a Buddhist Wat (a term of Thai origin which means “ monastery” ).The Angkor Wat complex is situated in the southeast quadrant of Yashodharapura and forms a rectangle measuring 4,900 feet from east to west and 4,250 feet from north to south, covering an area of roughly one square mile. The huge, attractive moat that forms the perimeter, which is filled by a canal leading from the Siem Reapriver, is about 650 feet wide and edged with steps leading down to the water . “Angkor Wat” is the one that insists the prosperity and civilization of Khmer empire in the past . By its splendous and marvelous art , “Angkor Wat” is one of the wondering Place in the world.

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  • Scale: 1 : 300
    Length: 54.50 cm.
    Width: 48.60 cm.
    Height: 21.00 cm.

    Product Code GT 01
    Model Parts 168 Pcs.
    Assembly Time 5-6 Hrs.
    Assembly Methods Join Without Glue


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